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About me

I am Jose Luis Blas Ralde, my passion was always computers, since I was a child I disassembled and assembled electronic devices to see how they worked, I spent hours playing doom, I got my first computer when I entered university, and that’s when I fell even more in love with it computer science, I like to learn new things, I print many books to read them, I like good movies and heavy metal, my favorite language is Golang, currently I have a degree in computer science but it is just one more step to become the best.

The Reset2099 project is an attempt to document my path through my 2 passions: programming and hacking !!!, I promise to be as clear as possible and document as much as I can. My best friend mojo will supervise every post

mojo social selfie/mojo debugger

thank you for reading here a small summary of my life

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