Dns Footprinting

1.8 Dns Footprinting

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The next phase in footprinting methodology is DNS footprinting. This following section describes how to extract DNS information and the DNS interrogation tools.

Extracting DNS Information

DNS footprinting, namely Domain Name System footprinting, reveals information about DNS zone data. DNS zone data include DNS domain names, computer names, IP addresses, and much more about a particular network. An attacker uses DNS information to determine key hosts in the network, and then performs social engineering attacks to gather even more information.

DNS interrogation tools such as and DNS Records (http://network- enable user to perform DNS footprinting. DNSstuff extracts DNS information about IP addresses, mail server extensions, DNS lookups, Whois lookups and so on. It can extract a range of IP addresses utilizing an IP routing lookup. If the target network allows unknown, unauthorized users to transfer DNS zone data, then it is easy for an attacker to obtain the information about DNS with the help of the DNS interrogation tool.

When the attacker queries the DNS server using the DNS interrogation tool, the server then responds with a record structure that contains information about the target DNS. DNS records provide important information about the location and types of servers.

DNS Interrogation Tools

The DNS Lookup tools retrieve the DNS records for a specified domain or hostname. These tools retrieve information such as domains and IP addresses, domain Whois records, DNS records, and network Whois record.

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Some of the DNS interrogation tools used to extract DNS information include:

Some of the DNS interrogation tools for use with smartphones include: