1 Footprinting

My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material

Footprinting *is a first step in the evaluation of the security jlposture of the target organization’s IT infrastructure. Through footprinting and reconnaissance, one can gather maximum information about a computer system or a network and about any devices connected to that network. In other words, footprinting provides security profile blueprint for an organization, and should be undertaken in a methodological manner. In other words

Concept: Footprinting is the first step of any attack on information systems in which an attacker collects information about a target network for identifying various ways to intrude into the system

Types of Footprinting

  • Passive Footprinting: involves gathering information about the target without direct interaction.

  • Active Footprinting: involves gathering information about the target with direct interaction.

Information Obtained in Footprinting

The major objectives of footprinting include collecting the network information, system information, and the organizational information of the target.


  • Network information
  • System information
  • Organization information

Objectives of Footprinting

The most important objectives are:

  • Know security posture
  • Reduce focus area
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Draw a network map

Footprinting Threats

The following are assorted threats made possible through footprinting:

  • Social Engineering
  • System and network attacks
  • Information leakage
  • Privacy loss
  • Corporate espionage
  • Bussines loss

Footprinting Methogology

Common techniques used to collect information about the target