Email Footpring

1.5 Email Footprinting My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material Tracking Email Communications Email tracking monitors the emails of a particular user. This kind of tracking is possible through digitally time stamped records that reveal the time and date when the target receives and opens a specific email. Email tracking tools allows an attacker to collect information such as IP addresses, mail servers, and service provider involved in sending the mail.

Website Footprinting

1.4 Website Footprinting My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material Website footprinting refers to monitoring and analyzing the target organization’s website for information. It is possible for an attacker to build a detailed map of a website’s structure and architecture without triggering the IDS or without raising any system administrator’s suspicions. Attackers use sophisticated footprinting tools or the basic tools that come with the operating system, such as Telnet, or by using a browser.

Footprinting through Social Networking Sites

1.3 Footprinting through Social Networking Sites My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material While footprinting through social networking sites may seem social engineering (such is discussed in more detail later), there the two methods. In footprinting through social engineering, revealing information, whereas in footprinting through social gathers information available on those sites. Attackers can even medium to perform social engineering attacks. Collecting Information through Social Engineering on Social Networking Sites Social networking sites are the online services, platforms, or other sites that allow people to connect with each other and to build interpersonal relations.

Footprinting through web services

1.2 Footprinting through web services My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material Web services such as people search services can provide sensitive information about the target. Internet archives may also provide sensitive information that has been removed from the World Wide Web (‘WWW’). Social networking sites, people search services, alerting services, financial services and job sites provide information about a target such as infrastructure details, physical location, and employee details.

Footprinting through search engines

1.1 Footprinting through search engines My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material Search engines are the main information sources to locate key information about a target organization. Search engines play a major role in extracting critical details about a target from the Internet. It returns a list of Search Engine Results Pages (‘SERPs’). Many search engines can extract target organization information such as technology platforms, employee details, login pages, intranet portals, contact information and so on.


1 Footprinting My resume of module 02 footprinting form CEH material Footprinting *is a first step in the evaluation of the security jlposture of the target organization’s IT infrastructure. Through footprinting and reconnaissance, one can gather maximum information about a computer system or a network and about any devices connected to that network. In other words, footprinting provides security profile blueprint for an organization, and should be undertaken in a methodological manner.